Christopher Heaps grew up playing baseball in Bay St Louis, MS, and earned a PhD in cognitive psychology before moving out West and becoming an avid bicyclist, hiker, and paddler. He currently practices law in Oregon and art in British Columbia.

He is also author of The Best Flatwater Paddles in Oregon (available on Amazon) and former cannabis columnist (Smoke Signals) for The Source Weekly in Bend, Oregon (writing under the pen name Steve Holmes). He is currently working on a new novel, Diaspora Lux.

Mexico is his favourite country to visit.

Andrew N. Johnson grew up in Bay St Louis, MS and Athens, GA. He currently resides in [insert outdated location here], where he teaches English and sometimes pretends to work on his new novel with Chris, Stormborn.

He still occasionally returns to the US South  to attend Mardi Gras festivities and the occasional Fiesta. A globetrotter, he has lived and worked in ten countries on four continents.

His favorite color is green.